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Sean Marks on Kyrie Irving: ‘a date for his return has yet to be finalized’

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Five days after Kyrie Irving first decided against playing, Sean Marks issued a statement Tuesday, but the statement offered no date for Irving’s return, saying only “a date for his return has yet to be finalized.”

The statement appeared to have been triggered by a video showing Irving celebrating his father and sister’s birthdays this weekend. None of those in the video appear to be wearing a mask. The party MAY fit within the NBA’s health and safety protocols which permit “social gathering” with fewer than 15 people, but the optics of Irving smiling, laughing and dancing has enraged fans and pundits, particularly . And so, Marks said there will be a review of the video by both the team and the NBA...

Prior to the release of the statement, the only comment from the organization was delivered by Steve Nash in pre-and post-game media availabilities.

Nash, prior to Tuesday’s game against Denver, said he did not see the Irving video and stood by Marks’ statement on the issue.

“I didn’t see it but I think Sean made a statement and for my position, I am going to leave it at that,” Nash said. “Sean already made an organization statement and I want to focus on the game tonight.”

When it comes to communication between the Nets point guard and the organization, Nash noted there has been communication but wants to keep the details of the communication private and in-house.

“There has been communication but that is all in-house,” Nash said . “We keep that to ourselves and we try to figure out our home front privately.”

When Nash was asked if he confidently thinks Irving will return this season - “Sure,”

Marks’ statement actually provided little new information. The statement did not address whether the Nets and Irving are in contact (and at what level) or whether he has been provided any ultimatum by the organization. Anthony Puccio of “The Association” reports Tuesday...

Interestingly, the statement did not use “personal leave” in describing why he has missed game. Should the league or team determine Irving violated the protocols, he could face a big financial hit.

Irving will miss his fourth game tonight vs. the Nuggets. He has not spoken or issued a statement detailing the rationale for his absence although there have been reports that he has been upset by the assault on the U.S. Capitol and the manner in which the mostly white rioters were treated by police compared to how unarmed blacks have been treated, that is, killed.

Later Tuesday night with the Nets-Nuggets game underway, Irving was spotted on a Zoom call inaugurating the Manhattan attorney general campaign for Tahanie Aboushi.