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They didn’t play in ‘bubble,’ but Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving can still sell jerseys

Kevin Durant didn’t play at all this season, let alone in the “bubble.” Kyrie Irving not since February 1, his 20th and final game of the season.

But KD and Kyrie have fans, whether they played in the “bubble” or not. Lots of them. The NBA on Wednesday released its list of the most popular jerseys during the two months of the seeding games and playoffs...

The Nets didn’t make the top 10 and the NBA didn’t list teams 11 through 30. Steph Curry who also missed the season, joined KD and Kyrie,

The listing is the first since January, before the pandemic and before the “bubble.” In that list, the Nets ranked No. 10 while Irving was No. 10 and Durant No. 12. So the popularity of KD jerseys actually jumped the further away he got from the court!