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‘South Brooklyn Chorus’ speaks on the Steve Nash hire

A Greek chorus, says Wikipedia, is a ‘homogeneous, non-individualized group of performers who comment with a collective voice on the dramatic action.’ We don’t have that, (or the Greek Freak) but we have the South Brooklyn Chorus who we turn to for fan reaction. Here’s their latest on Steve Nash.

NBA: Finals-Toronto Raptors at Golden State Warriors Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Nash has some big shoes to fill in Brooklyn and I ain’t talking about Timbs.

Pulling the string and hiring Steve Nash as Nets head coach was the biggest surprise this month in the NBA. Okay, I lied. That designation belongs to the LA Clippers after losing a 3-1 lead to the Denver Nuggets, but trust and believe this move by the Nets is right behind it!

After yet another season where the Brooklyn Nets have fallen short in the playoffs, Sean Marks continues to work his magic and surprise us all. Nash, who played against Marks internationally going back 20 years, had been discreetly eyeing this coaching job since March. It was only a matter of time for the Nets GM to make it happen.

So, I’m back again with my friends Fahad, Gerald and Jameel who are diehard Nets fans! I asked them about their thoughts on this random move by the Nets.

Fahad Saleem, a sophomore at Farmingdale State College, told me “I think Steve Nash will be a great mentor for Kyrie Irving. He will help Kyrie improve in his leadership role because last year it was a bit rocky.”

By rocky, Fahad was referring to Irving’s postgame interview comments after a loss to the 76ers back in January.

This sparked a media frenzy because many believed that Kyrie Irving was putting down his teammates by hinting at a possible roster change (although he later clarified things). We all know that the 2016 NBA Champion is one of the most controversial players in the league. One thing we can’t deny is that he is one HELL of a player. Fahad added on,

“Steve Nash needs to channel Irving’s talent the right way.”

When I spoke to Jameel, a sophomore at St. John’s University, about the Brooklyn Nets hiring Steve Nash he had a different approach to the conversation and raised a good point.

“‘I think it’s a good move because a lot of first time coaches in the NBA have had success, especially recently in the NBA. Some examples are Nick Nurse, Steve Kerr, and Tyronn Lue. If anything, Nash could continue the trend of a first year head coach winning a championship in their first year.”

Although this may sound a little optimistic of Jameel, his argument is fair. The coaches he mentioned all won championships in their first year. Nick Nurse in 2019 coaching the Toronto Raptors, Steve Kerr in 2015 coaching the Golden State Warriors, and 2016 Tyronn Lue coaching the Cleveland Cavaliers. In fact, the last five NBA championships have been won by a first time head coach, Kerr three times, Lue and Nurse once each.

Two things to consider: It’s only been a year since a first-time head coach won a championship in their rookie year (Nurse) and Nash has A LOT of pieces to work with. Personally I feel like he’s spoiled. The brother has Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Caris LeVert, and a proven assistant coach in Jacque Vaughn at his side.

Last but not least, I spoke to Gerald who is a sophomore at Fulton Montgomery. The conversation was filled with a bunch “WOWS” of disbelief. He said to me,

“When I saw it, I was pretty excited. That’s Steve Nash. One of the best basketball minds in the NBA. Two-time MVP. It doesn’t matter if he’s not playing just having him talk to the players means so much for a team.”

Nash will be leading a team that has been preparing all year for this upcoming season. The Brooklyn Nets SHOULD be contenders without a doubt and for the most part the streets of south Brooklyn are riding with Steve Nash on this one. Will he deliver?