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Jacque Vaughn on short list for Pacers and Rockets HEAD coaching jobs?

Portland Trail Blazers v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images

It started while the Nets were in the middle of their press conference introducing Steve Nash — where Nash praised his newly announced lead assistant Jacque Vaughn.

In a tweet, Adrian Wojnarowski mentioned Jacque Vaughn on a list of candidates for the Pacers head coaching job left open by the firing of Nate McMillan.

Then our sister site, Indy Cornrows posted an analysis laying out all the benefits of hiring Vaughn noting among other things that the Nets assistant had been Victor Oladipo’s first coach with the Magic.

Then Sunday night, Jonathan Feigen, the Rockets long time beat writer, tweeted out that Vaughn was also on the Rockets list ... and apparently very high.

Reporters and apparently others took notice of Vaughn’s record in the “bubble” and how he held his depleted roster together. Also, Vaughn has now coached two NBA teams, going 58-158 with the Magic and 7-3 with the Nets. He’s also been an assistant with the Spurs, winning a ring in 2014, and of course the Nets.

If any team wants to interview Vaughn —assuming he’d want to talk to said team— the Nets must first give their permission. Normally, if a staffer is being considered for a promotion, as Vaughn would be, his team will give its approval. (The Nets could also ask for compensation if a team hired Vaughn, perhaps a future second rounder, but that’s not required ... or likely.)

If Vaughn left, of course, it would be a big loss to the Nets plan to use him as a guide for Nash.

Nash explained Wednesday how he couldn’t think of a better person to be his lead assistant than Vaughn, praising him as a “high character individual.” The Nets new head coach noted the knowledge Vaughn has behind the clipboard.

“I think Jacque’s qualities speak for themselves,” Nash said about Vaughn. “He is an incredibly high character individual, extremely hard-working, prepared, and he is an all-around top human being so to have people like that to work with every day is incredible.”

In addition to the Pacers and Rockets, the Bulls, 76ers, Pelicans and Thunder are all looking for head coaches.