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Kevin Durant continues workouts in L.A., this time joined by Spencer Dinwiddie

Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

As Kevin Durant continues to play pickup basketball in Los Angeles, new players have joined the Nets superstar on the court for 5-on-5 sessions ... and one of them is Spencer Dinwiddie!

As NetsDaily reported last week, the Long Island Nets backcourt duo, Jaylen Hands and Devin Cannady, had joined Durant in workouts along with Kyrie Irving, former Knick Allonzo Trier and the Pistons Blake Griffin.

And in the latest video, posted on Instagram Live overnight, Hands and Cannaday were out there again with Durant as were Dinwiddie, Kevin Knox of the Knicks, and Brianté Weber, who briefly played with KD at Golden State.

From pusha_v (Instagram)

According to a source, the workout took place at the Samson Center, part of Yeshiva University of Los Angeles Boys High School, commonly known as YULA, KD began his recovery in southern California now 14 months ago.

Durant detailed his regimen on during his appearance on Elite Media Group’s RNC Radio last week.

“I’m playing a lot of one-on-one lately, so what comes with that is your handle is a little better, You’re more quicker with your moves. You’re less indecisive with what you want to bring out. So I’m just crafting that, that playground style of ball even more, just working out by myself or with two or three guys.”

And no, he’s not joining the “bubble.”