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Live Game Thread: Nets at Magic, 1:00PM EST

Brooklyn Nets v Orlando Magic Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

There isn’t much to play for, considering the Nets have clinched the seventh seed and the Magic are the eighth seed, but the games must go on. It’s Brooklyn’s second-to-last regular season game before the playoffs start.

The Nets face the Magic on Tuesday at 1:00PM EST. They’ll be without Caris LeVert, Jarrett Allen, Joe Harris, Garrett Temple and Jamal Crawford. Yeah, basically the entire starting lineup. The Magic will be without Terrence Ross and Aaron Gordon.

WHO: Brooklyn Nets (34-36) vs. Orlando Magic (32-39).


WHERE: YES (local) and WFAN (radio).

Game Preview:

Vucevic will be dealing with our old friend Brook Lopez next week, but in the mean time he’ll look to make life hell on the Nets today. Vucevic has always given the Nets trouble, and with Allen out, ought to feast on the inside. I can’t imagine him playing big minutes today, so we’ll see how long he’s out there.

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