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DJ Khaled’s ‘Snipes’ sneaker brand to open store opposite Barclays

Norman Oder, Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Report

Norman Oder, who’s been chronicling the Nets move to Brooklyn for more than a decade, reports that Snipes, the German sneaker brand, is opening a new “concept store” across from Barclays Center. DJ Khaled is the brand’s chief creative officer.

As Oder, often a critic of the move and the overall Pacific Park project, reports...

Well, Chik-fil-A and Shake Shack, high-volume fast-food places on Flatbush Avenue opposite the Barclays Center, are getting a new neighbor this coming Thursday, a sneaker retailer with a facade that wraps around a piece of Pacific Street.

The location, across from the arena, was initially promoted as prime retail opportunity but didn’t fill up as fast as projected. Shake Shack didn’t open until two years after the arena and Chick-fil-A didn’t move in until last September. Prior to the arrival of Barclays Center, the building housing the three outlets had been home to a furniture store as well as small shops catering to computer and video game users.

According to the German company, they were attracted to the location because of its proximity to the “cradle of sneaker and streetwear culture.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to introduce the game-changing Snipes 2.0 store concept to our U.S. customer,” said Snipes chief executive officer Sven Voth. “And where better to start than right across from Barclays Center in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, cradle of sneaker and streetwear culture!”

The company added that it has “synergy” with the Nets and will have “access to the oculus and atrium at Barclays and players will be close by for store appearances — when the NBA returns,” Women’s Wear Daily reported.

The store had been planned for a March opening, but was delayed by the pandemic. To promote the new opening date, DJ Khaled, named creative director last will raffle off prizes virtually on Thursday, “appearing on a truck LED screen outside” the store.

Snipes has nearly 400 stories globally, with 94 in the U.S., of which 76 are now open. According to WWD, Snipes “plans to add 10 new stores this year and convert more existing stores into 2.0 locations.”

Meanwhile, practically next door, Modells, once the official “Sporting Goods Retailer” of the Nets, is closing its doors permanently, part of its historic bankruptcy. Modells and the adjacent P.C. Richards are expected to ultimately be torn down and replaced by an office tower, part of the Pacific Park project.