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Michael Beasley, Justin Anderson situations still unsettled, says Vaughn

Los Angeles Lakers v Indiana Pacers Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

Jamal Crawford is back, So is Tyler Johnson. Both players were on the court in the “bubble” Wednesday after getting cleared from six-day long quarantines. Donta Hall, the rookie center, is likely back on the court “soon,” said coach Jacque Vaughn.

But what about Michael Beasley, who tested positive for the coronavirus and went home, and Justin Anderson, who appears to be in some sort of contract limbo while in quarantine in Orlando?

Vaughn was non-committal.

“Yeah, both of those I cannot comment on,” Vaughn said. “I have no definitive answer, so I’m just going to leave that one alone until I have a definitive answer.”

Does that suggest that Beasley could return to the “bubble” and the Nets? And it appears that if so, how would the Nets fit the two onto their roster when they have only one “substitute” spot left?

Beasley’s situation seems more complicated. Assuming he’s in day three or four of a 14-day quarantine required of all players who test positive —and assuming he doesn’t opt out— that would put him back in central Florida near the end of the month, perhaps between the Nets third and last scrimmage on July 27 vs. the Jazz and the (re-) opening night July 31 vs. the Magic. Then, on arrival, he’d have to test positive three times before permitted back in the “bubble.”

Beasley, of course, must serve a five-game suspension for a failed drug test whenever he returns to play. Is it worth it for either side. Moreover, he has just changed agents.

Anderson, on the other hand, appears to be all but signed ... if not already under contract but it’s not been announced. In a podcast with his former UVA assistant coach on Monday night, accepted congratulations on joining the Nets, talked about his prospective role and said Joe Harris, his former Virginia teammate and friend, is keeping him up to date on what’s going on inside the Nets practices.

If Beasley opts out, the road is clear for Anderson. If not?

Meanwhile, Vaughn again said Johnson, the 6’4” combo guard signed before the team traveled to the “bubble,” was showing his energy and competitiveness.

“It’s great to have more bodies on the floor,” Vaughn said. “I think that was the biggest positive of the day, being able to have two teams of five, and be able to reiterate some things that we want to work on defensively, offensively, gave us a review session a little bit and gave those guys a chance to be integrated. So two welcome faces.”

Vaughn said he’s keeping things simple since his players have all been out since March and several of them even longer. Johnson hasn’t played since February 5 and was waived on February 9.

“Tyler’s ability to compete, he wanted to be in every drill, and trusted that I might have to pull him out of some of them,” Vaughn said.

As for the 6’10” Hall, the only real 5 other than Jarrett Allen, Vaughn was hopeful he’ll be on the court and producing “soon.”

“[Hall] is in quarantine protocol, and we’ll just have to wait until things are cleared up that way,” Vaughn said. “Hopefully soon, though.”

Hall, who was on a 10-day with the Pistons when the season was suspended, signed a day after Crawford and Beasley so unless there’s another issue, he could back Thursday or Friday.