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VIDEO: Pooch talks Nets returning in July, life in the suburbs and more in latest Periscope

Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

We’re back with another “State of the Nets” Periscope in which Pooch touches on the Nets and NBA returning in July, what it means for the team and all things Nets related. He also touches on current events living in suburbs.

Click here to watch.

The Outline:

State of the Nets: Talking Nets and Life in Suburban Long Island

1:46 – 21:22

· The season is coming back!

· Why the Nets are in a win/win situation

· If KD and Kyrie return, do Nets make a title run?

· Do KD and Kyrie return?

· If they do NOT play…

· Dinwiddie, LeVert and Allen or Bradley Beal?

· Making a case for Caris LeVert

· Who would I like to see the Nets grab in the offseason?

· Should anybody be mad if KD/Kyrie don’t play?

· TLC saying that KD has been healthy for 5 months… (BKNets France)

21:23 – 34:00

· Growing up in suburban Long Island

· Racial segregation in Nassau County

· Some stories when I moved from Queens to Long Island

· Racism in the education system

34:05 – END

· Do I think KD/Kyrie will play?

· Pessimism about Jacque Vaughn returning

· Who do I think will be the next Nets head coach?

· Tom Thibodeau unlikely

· Who is the front runner to be the head coach?

· Can Nets give teams a run for their money without KD/Kyrie

· Adjusting after 3+ months off

· What do I think about Spencer Dinwiddie’s Twitter interactions?

· Kuzma, Love?

· Player relationships with Gregg Popovich

Thank you and be safe!