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With NBA transaction window re-opening, what to expect

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So what, if anything, will Sean Marks do this week?

Starting Tuesday, the NBA will permit teams to make roster moves. Then on Wednesday, players must inform their team if they plan on opting out of the Orlando “bubble.”

There are, however, new rules governing both and so, with the caveat that we don’t know everything, here’s what we think we know...

Nets can sign a free agent or convert a two-way to a standard deal ONLY if they waive one of the 15 players on their roster. The Nets do not have an roster opening and both two-way slots are full. Chris Chiozza and Jeremiah Martin are the two two-ways.

—Only the two-ways can fill spots left open by injured players like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Because they lack an open roster spot, the Nets can’t sign an free agent to fill an injured players roster spot. If Chiozza isn’t converted to standard deal, he will become a restricted free agent. Martin’s situation is less clear. He has a two-year two-way deal.

—If one (or more) of the Nets decides to opt out, for whatever reason, the Nets will be allowed to sign a free agent to replace him. The free agent’s contract would be for the prorated minimum —around $181,000 for a second year player for example. The the player will become an unrestricted free agent in October. The salary will not be applied to the Nets cap sheet.

Then, there are the rules for free agents, if indeed the Nets wound up with an open roster spot...

—To be eligible to sign a rest-of-season contract, players must have been under contract to an NBA or G- League team this season or last. Those who were under contract to an overseas teams, even if a U.S. citizen, are not eligible. Jamal Crawford and J.R. Smith are eligible, Greg Monroe is not.

—Any player who was waived on March 1 or before is eligible to play in the post-season. That would include players like Iman Shumpert, DeMarcus Cousins, Tyler Johnson, Allen Crabbe and Isaiah Thomas. Also, Justin Anderson, who had a 10-day with the Nets and played for Long Island after that would be eligible.

—The eight players who were under 10-day contracts at the time of the March 11 shutdown are all now free agents. That doesn’t apply to the Nets, but Dragan Bender and Sheldon Mac are now available among others.

John Hollinger of The Athletic suggested Sunday that two free agents, Tyler Johnson, the 6’4” combo guard the Nets made very wealthy in 2016, and Iman Shumpert might be good fits IF again the Nets have an opening.

Of course, assuming none of his roster players opt out, Marks may not do anything ... at all. Things are starting to develop elsewhere, however.

As Adrian Wojnarowski reported Monday, Davis Bertans of the Wizards has opted to drop out of the “bubble” mainly because he is an unrestricted free agent and has had knee injuries in the past. Bertans shares an agent with Rodions Kurucs, but Kurucs is under contract with the Nets for two more years after this one and has no injury issues. He still has a pending court date on his third degree assault charge.

Also, two of the 10-days, Joakim Noah and Anthony Tolliver, have agreed to re-up with the Grizzlies and Clippers once play resumes.