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VIDEO: Pooch talks possibility of KD returning, coaching search and more in AMA

Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Pooch is back with another “Ask me anything” on the latest State of the Nets Periscope.

Click here to watch!


The outline:


· Thoughts on a possible KD return

· Who’s my ideal coaching candidate for the Nets?

· Why the Nets SHOULDN’T hire Mike D’Antoni or Tom Thibodeau

· Does Jacque Vaughn have a legitimate shot?


· Is KD stealing the Nets money if the season returns and he doesn’t?

· My head coach prediction

· Will Kenny Atkinson be a head coach or assistant coach next year?

· Nets fans missing the camaraderie of last year’s team

· What sports do I play?

· The Nets are likely bringing back a throwback jersey


· The idea of the Nets adding a 3rd star

· What type of player should the Nets go after?

· Talking about my days watching the New Jersey Nets

· How many Holidays will the Nets be playing on?

· If the season is canceled, which team does that hurt the most?


· Why did Deron Williams hate Brooklyn?

· My initial reaction to the Nets moving to Brooklyn

· Thoughts on Aaron Gordon

· What did Caris LeVert’s February performance represent?

· Starting the season on Christmas?


· What numbers should the Nets retire?

· What might Joe Harris, Spencer Dinwiddie and Jarrett Allen’s paydays look like?

· Do I see any significant roster changes coming?

· Is J. Allen expendable?

· Brooklyn Way Pod and some personal stuff re jobs in the industry