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Begley: ‘One respected vet’ and ‘one talented young player’ angling to join Nets

Free agency isn’t going to happen for months — the end of September or beginning of October — but Ian Begley of SNY thinks the Nets are well positioned once it takes place because players like what the Nets are doing...

Here’s what he posted in his most recent mailbag...

Intriguing. Oh Yeah. So let the guessing begin ... and keep in mind he said, “at least.”

We don’t think he’s talking about Bradley Beal. While Beal said the other day that it’s “an unbelievable feeling. When you hear that Kyrie [Irving] and KD [Kevin Durant] want you, s—t, that’s amazing.” But he added that he’s looking forward to playing with a healthy John Wall next season.

So some guesses by fans include Donovan Mitchell of the Jazz at one end, Quinn Cook of the Lakers at the end of the “young talented player” category and maybe Serge Ibaka of the Raptors for the “one respected veteran.”

Maybe the more intriguing point in Begley’s “quick hitter” was that “both players contract situations would make a move to Brooklyn feasible.” That sounds more like a free agent signing than a trade.

The Nets of course are over the cap and not far from the luxury tax threshold — and no one knows just what free agency will look like with the NBA’s financial structure in tatters with the suspension in play and worsening relations with China.

However, as we noted earlier today, no one should think last summer’s “Clean Sweep” was a one-off situation for the Nets. They are well financed, well managed and have two of the league’s top players under contract.

The roster is built for stability and title contention, but with enough flexibility to make key moves if they want. Their reputation as being player and family friendly has grown during the crisis. They may have faced outside criticism for their decision to test players and staff back in March, but NBA players likely see that as a positive, not a negative. Nets players have also said that friends playing on other teams have noticed how Brooklyn is treating their players.

See you in September. Until then, let the speculation begin!