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Nets Gaming Crew teams with eyewear company to help reduce eye strain

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Professional NBA 2K players don’t have to worry much about nagging ankle injuries or blown out Achilles tendons affecting their online play. Yeah, a wrist injury could do them dirty, but the bigger long-time issue is ... eye strain! Hours in front of console will do that to you.

So, the Nets GC (for Gaming Crew) has partnered with Zenni, the leading online eyecare provider, to take advantage of its Blokz technology, which the company says reduces eye strain by blocking blue light emitted by digital screens. Zenni is also NetsGC’s Official Eyewear Partner. Jerseys featuring the Zenni logo will appear on the uniforms worn by each of NetsGC’s in-game avatars and Zenni branding will be featured within the game through the remainder of the season both on NetsGC’s home court and through visual courtside signage.

“The idea is that our players are training for eight plus hours a day, whether that be on the consoles themselves, with the blue light and the potential strain of their eyes and if they are not playing, they are watching film together,” said Josh Pruss, Head of NetsGC Business Operations. “The idea is that the majority of our team, the ones who opted to partake will be wearing the products to better or to maintain their vision strength over the years.”

The data will then be used to help other games both in the NBA 2K league and esports in general. (In addition to the Nets commitment to the Nets GC, owner Joe Tsai has invested in other esports ventures.)

“We’re excited to connect with another new audience and creating engaging content for NetsGC and NBA 2K League fans alike,” Sean Pate, Zenni’s Brand Communications Officer. “As with all our esports partnerships, we’ll focus on introducing our Blokz blue light blocking lens technology to emphasize the importance of eye health for gamers of all skill levels.”

The partnership will also include a “NetsGC x Blokz” promotion featuring highlights of the best in-game blocks over the course of the NBA 2K season. Zenni will also serve as the presenting sponsor of NetsGC Game Day social posts. The partnership will also include a Film Room Content Series that will break down previous NetsGC matchups

“In competitive gaming, players are always looking for a competitive edge, and reducing eye strain is an important aspect in improving overall gaming performance,” added Pruss. “We’re excited to have Zenni as NetsGC’s Official Eyewear Partner and work alongside them to elevate the importance of eye protection and eye health within the gaming community.”

The Nets GC tipped off its 2020 season Friday night with a 71-65 loss to Mavs Gaming. Like so much else, the season opener was delayed by concerns over the coronavirus. The NBA 2K league features affiliates of 22 NBA teams plus a gaming team from China, the Gen. G Tigers of Shanghai.