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What? No ‘joy’ in a championship? KD responds to Warrior GM comment

2018 NBA Finals - Game Three Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

It never seems to end, whether it’s Thunder fans still upset after Kevin Durant decided to sign with the Warriors in 2016. Or the Warriors players and leadership trying to diminish his accomplishments when he led Golden State to three straight Finals appearances including his two championship MVP’s. Not to mention Kendrick Perkins carping about how he doesn’t understand KD and Kyrie. Finally, there are Knicks fan conspiracy theories.

Well, Kevin Durant plays for the Nets now and is, by every insider’s commentary, healthy and as good, if not better, than ever. So there.

The latest diss comes from Warriors GM Bob Myers who signed KD. This week, in comparing the mental fatigue seen in the Bulls pursuit of a three-peat in “the Last Dance,” with the Warriors own failed and more recent attempt, Myers said of the 2018 title...

“The second time with Kevin it felt like, ‘Well, we just did what we were supposed to do, and great job. It wasn’t joy.

“I’m sure a lot of people felt differently. It wasn’t anybody’s fault. I think there’s just a weight to everything. And so I’m sure [the Bulls] felt that weight of everything, weight of relationships.”

Poor guys.

So Sideline Sources asked Durant for his comment...

Also, KD provided his opinion on the league’s switch in game balls, from Spalding to Wilson. He doesn’t like it. “Oh hell Nah!!!”

Of course, none of this isn’t a big deal for KD. He has his own joy producer. His Thirty-five Ventures aired “Basketball County: In the Water” on Showtime.

It’s about how Prince Georges County where he grew up has been a cradle of NBA and WNBA players, led of course by him.