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Game of Zones shows love to New Jersey... and the Swamp Dragons!

... Maybe something the Nets should do too?

Bleacher Report’s Game of Zones is back with its third episode of the season and Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving make a cameo as they highlight the New Jersey Nets and... the Swamp Dragons!

Some of the highlights...

For the uninitiated, Nets ownership briefly considering changing the team’s name to Swamp Dragons back in the 1990’s. The team did, after all, play in the Jersey Meadowlands! It even trademarked the name and logos!

Some takeaways:

1. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant were part of the episodes “snub” team — some of the league’s most elite players who weren't selected to take on Michael Jordan and the Dream Team. In Irving’s opening spiel to the players, he emphasizes the Eye of Providence, a symbol for the Illuminati. In other words, it’s the Eye that sees all. Irving has referred to the Eye several times and even has a tattoo.

2. The scene starts in Brooklyn, and Irving must lead the snub team to take down the media. He leads them down ancient dark hallways that lead to New Jersey! Side note: Embrace the History! Anyway, you’ll notice along the way, a painting of No. 44 — former Net Keith Van Horn. Next to it, you’ll see a painting of the starting lineup during the 2001-2002 season, inspired by the SLAM cover entitled, “THE BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD.”

3. At the end of the ancient hallway, Irving pulls out a Swamp Dragons jersey. DeMarcus Cousins turns to him and says, “Is this another one of your conspiracy theories?” Later, the Swamp Dragon emerges as Durant and Irving burn down the citadel of media. Shouts to Zach Lowe for his extensive feature on the Swamp Dragons.

All fun and games. And for the Nets, it’s much better than the last two Game of Zone episodes that focused on them.

“Sean Marks scrounging for busted picks.”

Or this one, when Bojan Bogdanovic celebrated the announcement of his departure!

You can watch the new episode here:

So, it pays homage to the New Jersey days, perhaps something the Nets should do, too! How about a Swamp Dragon mascot? Maybe even a night dedicated to the Swamp Dragons, partially as a goof and an idea that would freeze the team store web servers! April Fools sounds like a good day for that.

Of course, no everyone was pleased.