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No, Celtics fans, it’s not about Brooklyn vs. Boston. It’s New Jersey vs. New York

Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Oh, those crazy Celtics fans.

In a live session on Instagram Monday, Kyrie Irving told Darryl “Truck” Bryant. the former Virginia star and Brooklyn native, how we wanted to play Kemba Walker, one on one.

“That’s my matchup, I want K-Walk,” Irving, who grew up in West Orange, N.J., said of Walker, the Bronx native.

“That’s my big bro. I want K-Walk. That’s my big bro. You know we got mutual respect, but I know everybody wants to see it out of New York, New Jersey. Every time we play against each other, it’s always a game. He gave us 40, I gave him 40, back-and-forth. That’s just part of where we grew up.”

Well, in some quarters, that sounded like a call to arms, New York (or Brooklyn) vs. Boston...

Celtics fans saw it that way too and started talking trash about how Irving didn’t show —he was injured— the first game between the K-guards when the Celtics beat the Nets in Brooklyn behind a 39-point effort from Walker.

There wasn’t much trash talk about how Caris LeVert put up 51 points in an overtime win a few days before the shutdown or how the Nets won two of the three games between the clubs.

As Pooch and others (with a broader prism than New England provincials) pointed out, it wasn’t about New York vs. Boston at all. It was between New Jersey vs. New York!

Irving wants revenge for the losses he took against Walker — as a kid — and called The Bronx native to play him in a friendly one-on-one game. Sorry to disappoint you, Celtic fans.

Meanwhile, Brian Lewis listened to Jason Tatum being interviewed on “All the Smoke” with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson and heard Tatum talk about Kyrie’s departure from Boston, the source of Celtics fans’ bitterness.

Didn’t seem to bother him!