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Spencer Dinwiddie: ‘Why wouldn’t you cancel season?’ but if not...

Sacramento Kings v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

In a series of tweets Sunday night (which he admits was fueled by fine wine), Spencer Dinwiddie suggests that maybe the NBA should think about simply closing down this season without crowning a champion. But if the league goets in that direction, he offered his ideas about how to handle a return to play.

Dinwiddie started posting not long after Shaquille O’Neal said quite clearly that the league should stop fooling around and end this season. Dinwiddie didn’t go that far, but certainly raised the question...

Without a vaccine to make fans —and players— feel comfortable, Dinwiddie thinks the season is going to have an “asterisk” attached to it anyway. And he, like Michele Roberts, head of the players union, isn’t crazy about the details of a proposed “bubble” location for fan-less games. Roberts said forcing players to spend months away from their families in strict quarantine “sounds like incarceration to me.”

Contending that there might be a “moral hazard” to a return-to-play during “peak contagion” this fall, Dinwiddie also noted the difficulties going back would entail and offered some suggestions.

On the other hand, he understands a return-to-play would garner big TV ratings. And he tendered some recommendations for making the games more appealing...

The Nets guard even hinted that legalized gambling on games might be useful in that regard. (Sports books are legal in Las Vegas, but not Orlando.)

Dinwiddie, of course, is active in the players union, the NBPA although not at the level of teammates Kyrie Irving and Garrett Temple, both of whom are vice-presidents of the union. Still. he is influential and words carry weight.