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Taurean Prince: ‘No doubt in our mind that we can hoop with the best of them’

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Brooklyn Nets Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Taurean Prince is at home, working out as best he can while missing his teammates. But he believes that if and when the NBA resumes play, his Nets can “hoop with the best of them,” saying consistency is critical.

In an interview with Trish Arab of The Tidal League Podcast, Prince says the Nets can make some noise in the playoffs.

“I’m very confident,” Prince told Arab. “I think we can do anything that any of the other teams can do honestly as long as we’re come and play our best ball on any given night. I mean we beat some of the best teams that are contenders now so there isn’t any doubt in our mind that we can’t hoop with the best of them. We just got to be consistent.”

Prince, who played in every one of the Nets 64 games, said he saw the Nets getting better before the March 11 shutdown, winning four of their last five games, including wins over the Lakers and Celtics.

“I felt that at some point we were going to hit a stride, hit the ground running going into the playoffs but obviously ran into a situation that is out of our control.”

The 6’7” forward spoke as well about what he expects next season when Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving return to health. The goal, he said, is the NBA championship.

“Obviously, playing with two monsters like KD and Kyrie will help spark everybody’s mind with one thing and that’s the championship, trying to get to the ultimate goal,” said Prince. “Being part of something like that makes you a better player, makes you a better person off the court. you feel like you’re part of something that has a goal and one goal in mind and willing to do anything to get there.”

As for his routine nowadays while he waits to “hoop,” Prince admitted to some anxiety but said as well that he is trying to avoid being negative.

“I’m anxious not just for playing but for being around my brothers. guys you work out with and do the dirty work with that people don’t see. They enjoy 48 minutes of ball but don’t see the treacherous hours we put in working out and getting better and being prepared to put on a show. Whenever we do step out on the court at Barclays, I’m excited. I’m ready, physically ready, mentally ready. I’m just ready to get out there and hoop.”

He said that before the shutdown, he was feeling good physically and mentally ... and said the team’s players and organization are in regular touch.

“I was feeling good, healthy, that’s the key thing. My body felt good. so right now I’m just working out Monday through Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. Just putting in the work, conditioning that I can and waiting for ball to pick back up.

“Us as a team, We talk all the time,” he added. “Our coaches stay in contact with us as well. They try to put us in the best position to stay in shape, work out and make sure we have different opportunities to be able to do so. They’re doing their part. We’re doing ours. We’re literally waiting for the moment we can get back to a schedule and get back to hooping.”

As an individual, Prince said he wants to improve his defense.

“I’m definitely vocal off the court and vocal on the court, defensively. That’s one role I do take on and do want to take on a lot more, is guarding the best player and doing my best to become a better defender that I know I can be. Just trying to contribute to the team and have a positive impact on and off the court...

“I know what it takes to be a great team and I know what it takes to win and be a part of winning. I know what I have to do to contribute that to the Nets. That’s my focus.”