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Players can return to training facilities Friday ... but likely not in New York

Brooklyn Nets All-Access Practice Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported Saturday that the NBA is planning to allow players back in their training centers next Friday ... but it also put tight restrictions on what could happen once doors open. There was also confusion about how the ban would effect teams that play in coronavirus hot spots like New York.

The league shut down play on March 11 and shortly thereafter, prohibited players from entering the facilities. Currently, only players allowed in the doors are those who were undergoing individual rehab when the NBA shut down.

More importantly, teams will have to abide by local rules and guidelines. In New York State, the world epicenter for the pandemic, stay-at-home rules extend through May 15. Gov. Andrew Cuomo could extend the rules and likely will. But Cuomo signaled that with certain conditions, he could see a return. AM New York reported...

During his Sunday press conference, the New York State Governor mused aloud about the sports coming back to the city earlier than anticipated.

“If players could get paid more than staying home, and owners could get some revenue versus total shutdown… why not?” Cuomo asked. “I’d love to watch.”

However, Cuomo’s plan for a phased-in reopening, issued Monday, suggested that large gatherings are at the bottom of the list of priorities...

The region must not open attractions or businesses that would draw a large number of visitors from outside the local area.

Woj noted that there may be options available in the most heavily hit cities and states, like New York.

In markets in which more restrictive governance of stay-at-home orders remain in place, the NBA is telling teams the league will work with franchises to help find alternative arrangements for their players, sources said.

Woj did not detail what those alternatives might be. Nor did Marc Berman in a story Monday.

A person familiar with the NBA situation said plans are still fluid, but players on teams located in COVID-19 hot spots such as the Nets and Knicks would be helped out if May 1 becomes the day for opening league facilities.

At the facilities that do open around the league, players can participate only in individual workouts — and not group sessions — the person said.

The NBA would take the initiative in finding gym spots for Knicks and Nets players to work out in whatever city they are quarantining in on Friday.

Only a “handful” of the Nets 17 players have left the Brooklyn area, DeAndre Jordan said the other day. Reports have stated that Jordan is in Malibu, Spencer Dinwiddie is in San Antonio.

Brooklyn is currently the virus epicenter. not just in the city or state but in the country and perhaps the world. On Friday, the state said that with more than 3,600 fatalities, Brooklyn, aka Kings County, had more deaths than any county in the US. Queens was close behind.

The league still has no schedule to resume play. Chris Paul, in his role as president of the players union, said last week that players will need a month to get for a resumption of play.