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VIDEO: Pooch talks coaching search, New Jersey Nets and more in latest Periscope

Anthony Puccio better known as “Pooch” around these parts is back with another episode of “State of the Nets.” He touches on potential coaches, the latest piece about the Nets embracing New Jersey and everything else Nets related.

Watch it here.

The outline:

2:10 – 7:48

· How you doin’?

· Is Ty Lue a good fit for the Nets?

· Will the Nets keep Assistant Coaches?

· Darkhorse for Nets coaching job

7:49 – 18:10

· Embrace the New Jersey/NY Nets

· Rumors that they’re bringing retro jersey back

· Empathizing with New Jersey fans

· Kyrie Irving

18:12 – 28:43

· Do the Nets need a 3rd star?

· Importance of Spencer Dinwiddie, Caris LeVert and the surrounding cast

· Making a case for Serge Ibaka

· Making a case for Taurean Prince next year

· Carmelo Anthony

· Jarrett Allen

28:45 – 40:01

· Will the NBA resume?

· Who starts next year, DJ or Jarrett Allen?

· Will the Nets make the Finals next year?

· The importance in keeping the foundation

· Has Sean Marks lost power?

· Thoughts on the Last Dance

Conclusion: Thank you and be safe!