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Sabrina and the NETS: What are the plans? You KNOW they have some!

2020 WNBA Draft Photo by NBA Photos/NBAE via Getty Images

Minutes after Sabrina Ionescu was drafted by the New York Liberty, Joe Tsai’s “other” team, the Brooklyn Nets, was ready. The marketing team tweeted out a welcoming video featuring Kyrie Irving, Joe Harris and Garrett Temple.

“Welcome to the family!” said Irving. “The Tsais are a great ownership group,” added Temple. “We love them here with the Brooklyn Nets. You’ll love them with the New York Liberty.”

There’s been a lot of that lately, with the Liberty logo getting a black-and-white makeover. No doubt the change will be reflected on the Barclays Center WNBA court as well as their uniforms.

In her inaugural appearance, at least as a pro, on “First Take,” Tuesday, Max Kellerman joked that Brooklyn may now have the two best starting point guards in the city. He then asked the Oregon product if she sees herself working with Irving (who as Irving noted in his video, is also a member of the “No. 1 pick club.”) She was low-key in her response —she is a rookie after all. Or maybe she didn’t want to give something up.

“I’m excited with the pieces that we have in place today. We have the NBA behind us and supporting us and our franchise is great. So I’m excited to bring life back in New York and doing that through sport.”

But expect a symbiotic relationship and not just in marketing. Walt Hopkins, the Liberty’s new head coach, talked last week about “collaboration” with Sean Marks on things like player development.

”Our ownership is really good,” said Hopkins. “They’re really committed to both franchises and I know that from speaking with Sean Marks with the Nets as their GM, he is really big on collaboration. He talked a lot in this off-season about ways that we can best kind of bridge the two groups, so it’s absolutely going to be a consideration for us and something we look to maximize.”

And Liberty GM Jonathan Kolb spoke Thursday about cooperation —among players— between the Nets and Liberty, noting how Joe Harris spoke with him in February about how excited he was to watch Ionescu.

The Nets are always going to be the top draw for Tsai’s Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment, but expect a lot of crossover marketing. It just makes sense. The two teams will both play their home games at Barclays Center and those games will be televised by the YES Network.

Of course, Ionescu will play a big role in the marketing of the Liberty. An hour after she was picked, her Liberty jersey was sold out and the WNBA Draft, despite being virtual, was the second-most-watched draft in the league’s history. Per ESPN, the draft averaged nearly 390,000 live viewers. That was an increase of 123 percent over 2019.

Will Ionescu have a role in promoting basketball at Barclays, maybe her and Irving together?After all, he called her his friend in the congratulatory video. Once the coronavirus crisis is over, both teams will need a lot of help, as will Barclays. Ionescu told Stephen A. Smith that she’s ready to help on growing the fan base.

“I’m excited to get there and help grow the fan base. I want more and more players to reach out to fans and try to get them to be part of our family,” she said, not differentiating which players could be involved. “Hoping to grow the fan base. But I’ve been excited. I’m excited to get to know the community and reach out to that community.”

Ionescu first visited New York, Brooklyn and Barclays Center four years ago for the Jordan Brand Classic. The California native admits to having been in New York only one other time, also for “business,” as she put it. She told Frank Isola and Wes Wilcox of Sirius XM Radio that at some point, she’s “excited to get out there, walk around the city, eat food and just be able to enjoy the culture of New York.”

Even if she can’t draw fans because of social distancing, Ionescu said she’s ready to play in an empty Barclays.

“I have thought about it and thought about it with the NCAA tournament, what it would be to play in an arena that was empty,” she said on “First Take. “But at the end of the day if that’s the first step that needed to get sports back into society, then I’ll all for it. I’m ready to go out there and play without anyone watching till we progress to have more and more people watching.”

We, of course, wouldn’t deign to offer any advice to the BSE marketing gurus, but there’s nothing to stop BSE from reinvigorating the “Brooklyn Backcourt” trademark. It was taken out in 2012 to promote Deron Williams and Joe Johnson. That didn’t work out well, but what about Kyrie and Sabrina? Works for us.