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Jamal Crawford: Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will need some time to ‘figure it out’

Phoenix Suns v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

In an interview with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, NBA veteran Jamal Crawford said Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will need some time “to figure it out and work their way through,” once they get on the court together.

But the 19-year veteran thinks the Nets two superstars will figure it out not just because of their combined talent, but because of their friendship.

“Absolutely. Without a doubt. They’ll have moments where they have to figure it out and work their way through,” Crawford said on Scoop B Radio with Brandon Robinson. “Those moments may come more in the closer games because they’re both used to having the ball and making plays and making decisions and certain ways they may go about things in the closer games. So maybe more presence there, but I’m sure it will happen during the course of the season.”

Crawford hasn’t played this season after finishing 2018-19 with a 51-point performance for the Suns. He’s said he’s ready if he gets the call to finish this season or the next one.

The three-time Sixth Man of the Year counts both men as friends.

“Knowing both of them, and being tight with both of them I think their friendship will supersede everything because they know when they’re getting on each other, they know it’s coming from a good place. They’re both champions. They both know what it takes, and they both knew that this is going to happen when they both thought about teaming up. Once they get through that and get past that, man! They can do anything.”

Crawford says there are precedents for a pair of superstars succeeding after a period of adjustment.

“You see it happen with [Dwyane Wade] and LeBron [James], to [Russell] Westbrook and James [Harden],” he told Robinson. “You know when you put two great players together, you’re going to have to work through some things. Especially if they didn’t come in the same draft together and all that stuff. I have no doubt that they will get through whatever it is that they have to go through.”

Would Crawford work as Nets bench leader? He is 40 and after a subpar season in 2018-19, he didn’t even get any offers last summer. Earlier this week, he talked to ESPN about keeping his hopes of a 20th season alive. (He’d be eligible to play in the post-season if the NBA resumes play having been a free agent on March 1.)

“I’ve been training as if I’m playing,” Crawford told ESPN. “I work out every single day. I was working out today actually and I’ve always loved it. I know I can help, in some regards, in some capacity.”

Back in 2016, Mike Mazzeo reported the Nets had “strong interest” in Crawford. He re-signed with the Clippers instead.