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Kleiman: Kevin Durant and he haven’t discussed a return, calling it ‘unrealistic’

Brooklyn Nets Media Day Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images


Rich Kleiman, Kevin Durant’s manager, once again he views the possibility of a KD return this season —if and when it restarts— as “unrealistic.”

In an interview with Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, Kleiman in fact said he and Durant haven’t even spoken about it.

Asked specifically, “Has there been any thought of Kevin coming back to play if it was July or August?” Kleiman indicated that nothing has changed since a month ago when he told Golic and Wingo the possibility that it “wasn’t very realistic.”

“I promise you, Kevin and I have not talked about that. And I know it sounds crazy, but my assumption has been that wasn’t very realistic. I know when the time will be right to have that conversation but it just hasn’t been that time and it just doesn’t feel like it’s needed.”

When Mannix followed up by noting that it would be “a lot to ask from a guy with a bright future,” Kleiman doubled down.

“That’s what I mean about unrealistic. It’s just, you know, I haven’t even thought to ask him because it just seems so unrealistic.”

Kleiman also disclosed that Durant, one of four Nets players who tested positive a month ago this weekend, never experienced any symptoms.

“He was fortunate that he was asymptomatic throughout it and is now clear and free of it. But obviously quarantined like the rest of us.”

In fact, the severity of the disease varies greatly. In Iceland, where testing has been widespread, about half those infected showed no symptoms.

Kleiman said that while KD is feeling fine and his rehab continues, it’s not what it had been before the NBA shut down.

“I mean, he’s doing good. He’s exactly where he’s supposed to be. It’s been almost a year since the injury. But, you know, he’s been able to maintain his rehabilitation during this period, not to the same extent. But, you know, he’s continuing to get stronger and keep building and playing. And, you know, things have slowed down tremendously for everyone, just like if he wasn’t rehabbing back. But this hasn’t thrown him off the path to coming back to play.”

In previous interviews, Kleiman has said he expects KD to ultimately return to form when fully healthy.