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‘JUMP SHOT’ — an inspiring true story of the forgotten Kenny Sailors, inventor of shot taken round the world

Before the Splash Brothers, Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Kevin Durant, Larry Bird, and so many of the game’s greats — there was Kenny Sailors. However, Sailors’ story has somehow been forgotten. The pioneer of the jump shot, Sailors was one of the most impactful figures in basketball history, revolutionizing the game.

Since the jump shot was discovered, basketball players around the world have modified and improved the mechanics to try and perfect the art of shooting a basketball. Steph Curry, now largely recognized as the greatest shooter to ever live, was incredibly interested in spreading Sailors’ story when he heard of it. Golden State’s two-time MVP joined the project in an executive producer role, bringing ‘JUMP SHOT’ to life — uncovering the inspiring true story of Kenny Sailors.

Here’s the trailer...

The film goes into depth about Sailor’s life, how he revolutionized the game of basketball, and includes exclusive interviews with a host of basketball legends including Curry, Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, Bob Knight, Nancy Lieberman, and more.

As a hoops junkie, a student of the game, Durant spoke on Sailors’ impact on basketball and the inspiration it sparked inside him:

“When I watched the story about Kenny, it made me feel like I was learning more about the game just from knowing his story. And, in turn, that’s not only gonna help me as a player, but, it’s also gonna help me teach someone else about Kenny. And that’s an important part of the game. It’s not about just going out there and playing and playing well, it’s about taking the knowledge that you have, whether it’s from history, whether it’s from rule changes, whether it’s from your past mistakes and triumphs, and passing it on to somebody else, and they pass it on to someone else. That’s a legacy and that’s what Kenny created. He created something that makes you feel... and if you had a feeling when you watch something, then sky’s the limit.”

While the the documentary was previously set for theatrical release prior to the coronavirus pandemic, it is now set for a special digital release on April 16-18. Everyone who calls themselves a fan of basketball should familiarize them with the story of Kenny Sailors.

“Pioneers, they don’t usually get a lot of credit because not a lot of people tend to go back and go through the journey of basketball when they should.” Durant said. “If you love the game so much, you’ll want to see where it comes from and where it’s going.”

The film will premiere online at and will be powered by Altavod, a new self-release and direct-to-consumer digital film platform. It will be available beginning Thursday through Saturday for $7.99 and 10% of revenue will go toward relief efforts for the fight against COVID-19.