Options for a third star

Thank you to the Glue Guys (heLLO, Mike and Brian!) for the good work they are doing to give us our Nets fix. A quick thank you to the YES network for giving us Nets replays, too! However, it is the Glue Guys who have inspired my writing of this offering to keep us going until we can get actual games played by actual NBA players. Specifically, their last two podcasts have focused on who can be added to the greatest Nets talent pairing since Kidd and Carter - apologies to K-Mart and RJ.

Ben Simmons, James Harden and a few others have been mentioned as possible targets (some less realistic than others, frankly). I found myself intrigued with the exercise and wanted to add one more name to the list the guys put together. For the sake of full disclosure, their lists consisted of the following: Ben Simmons, Karl Anthony Towns, Bradley Beal, James Harden, Jrue Holiday, Devin Booker, Nikola Jokic

While it is exciting to think about the offensive gifts that many of the above-listed players would be, I don't see this team needing offense. I especially want to avoid adding another wing. We have Durant, Irving, LeVert, Dinwiddie who should all be considered elite scorers who operate best with the ball in their hands. Harris, who the Nets will re-sign,Temple and Prince are also capable of providing 10 - 15 a game, if given sufficient burn and a defined role. My premise is this team needs to have a dominant defensive big man at either the PF or C positions.

You may be able to guess where I'm heading with this one. Due to the very public blow up between Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, he may be available. Gobert is 27, a perennial DPOY candidate and would solidify the Nets defense like neither Jarrett Allen or DeAndre Jordan can do. Imagine the length of Gobert, Durant and Chandler as a starting front line. I would happily send LeVert, Prince and Allen to Utah and even a first rounder, if necessary. The monies should match closely enough and Utah gets a lot of talent.

This thought process is predicated on Jarrett Allen's not growing his offensive game. Were Allen able to demonstrate more confidence and competence in scoring, even if it were simply around the rim, I would be far less willing to champion this trade. However, if he doesn't improve, I see no value in keeping him on this team. He's not consistent enough defensively and his offense can break down so significantly that he becomes a weak link, especially on a championship-oriented team.