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Dzanan Musa, working with players union, gets needed equipment to Bosnia

Dzanan Musa, with the help of his Brooklyn-based brother, Dzennis Musa, have completed delivery of needed medical equipment to their hometown Cantonal Hospital in Bihac, Bosnia. The city has a population of 56,000 and was the site of the country’s first death from coronavirus a month ago.

“I just saw on the internet that everybody’s worried that they don’t have medical supplies and I called the hospital and asked, ‘Do you need anything from me?” said Dzanan Musa.

Dzennis Musa who was in Bihac facilitated the delivery and set-up.

“We have patients who desperately need these machines and Dzanan is so happy that he can save lives in these tough times,” Dzennis Musa told NetsDaily.

Cantonal Hospital, which recently upgraded its pulmonary and infectious disease department, needed the equipment to handle the increase in coronavirus patients, both now and in the future.

Specifically, the equipment donated by Dzanan Musa can help with ventilation, spirometry — lung function tests — and emergency response as well as the monitoring of the patients’ overall health.

“They will help the people in bad conditions, it will keep them alive and give them hope to live,” said Dzanan Musa. “Those two machines are the first ones in Bosnia to ever come over there. The people there didn’t have those kind of machines, so I’m really happy I helped them get these.”

The NBPA, the players union, donated an additional $5,000 to the hospital according to Dzennis Musa. The cost of the equipment donated by Musa hasn’t been disclosed.

“It’s a lot of money for our standard in Bosnia,” Dzennis Musa said. “They want to make a good thing no matter the money. Dzanan wants that.”

The 20-year-old, who promised the donation on March 21, spoke then about the impetus for buying the supplies, the difficulty of finding the right equipment, and how he reached out for contributions.

“My hometown of Bihac is desperate to get things right now,” Musa said then. “The equipment was ordered according to the instructions of the management of the Cantonal Hospital in Bihac. The equipment is currently in high demand and almost impossible to find but we were lucky enough to reach a supplier through a friend. I would appeal to anyone but who is able to get involved in helping.”

Bosnia has more than 800 confirmed coronavirus cases. Bihac, where the two machines were donated, currently has 20+ cases as of Thursday’s report by Statista.

The Musa donation is the latest move by the Nets, both as an organization and individually, to help with crisis.

“I think the Brooklyn organization is a great organization,” said Dzanan Musa. “They keep us together through Face Time workouts. I think that’s unique in the NBA, to have those relationships with GMs and Jacque (Vaughn).

“All the staff is calling us every day. Tiago Splitter is sending me clips every day of players I want to study like Manu Ginobili. It’s pretty nice that you feel like you’re family.”