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Kevin Durant talks progress with Ian and R.J.

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Kevin Durant joined Ian Eagle and Richard Jefferson in the second quarter of the the YES Network broadcast Wednesday to talk about how he’s been playing 3-on-3 games against his teammates at HSS in Brooklyn.

“I feel all right. It’s been fun, playing 3-on-3 with the guys every day,” Durant said. “I miss the routine. I’ve missed getting up every day and being one of the guys, going to practice, going to shoot-arounds.

“It’s been difficult, being away from the scene. But I’m about nine months out [from surgery], so I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.”

Durant also joked that his teammates have been tough on him, “Yeah, definitely,” Durant said. “Especially Theo (Pinson) — he’s a hack.”

Here’s a clip of the interview...

No word on when he might go 5-on-5 ... and what that might mean. He’s not coming back this season, so how would his rehab progress when he reaches that next level? Will he practice with the Nets as they head into the playoffs?

KD did talk about how the he sees the game —and his teammates— from his perch on the bench.

“I’m just looking at a game from a different lens, just seeing the landscape of the league, definitely just looking at our team and just seeing guys get better every day,” Durant said. “I’m seeing practice habits. I’m seeing how they transfer to the games. It’s a different feel, I guess.

”You look at lineup switches and which guys can play well with each other in the half lineups. So all that stuff, I’ve been trying to figure out what’s best for myself and for the rest of the team. And having the guys like (Joe) Harris, Kyrie, myself, Taurean (Prince) and Spencer (Dinwiddie) that can score the basketball, it’s definitely going to make us unpredictable, so I’m looking forward to it.”

As for next season, Durant said he and the team believe they can complete at the highest level.

“We’re confident,” Durant said. “We’ve got players on this team that can definitely go out and have big nights any night, and when you have that talent on the floor, you give yourself a chance. We’ve got good coaching. We’ve got a great bench. We’re looking forward to just bringing that all together. It’s going to be tough as we go on the season and try to get that thing together, so it’s a process, looking forward to it.”

He also spoke specifically about Caris LeVert’s 51-point performance against the Celtics.

“That was a masterful game ... He just put us on his back ... I don’t even know if I did something like that!”

The appearance, coincidentally or not, came on the same day the Nets began taking deposits on season tickets for the 2020-21 season.