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Legends Brand partners with Brooklyn Nets for first retail location at Barclays Center

Legends, the high-performance sports “athleisure” brand coveted by professional athletes, is partnering with the Brooklyn Nets for their first retail location. The retail space is 150 square feet and is one of the courtside retail spaces at Barclays Center.

The partnership is with the Nets directly and there is no specific end date for their partnership. There are currently no Nets players affiliated with the Legends Brand.

Tim Santye, the President of Legends, is a New Jersey native and is a longtime fan/season ticket holder. Santye calls the new brand partnership “very natural and organic.”

The partnership has been in the works in October of 2019.

“The Nets team and organization is a fan of the brand. They approached Legends about the opportunity to collab on an elevated Courtside collection.”

“It began when they connected for an event during the Nets vs. Lakers China Games and the team received positive feedback/responses with the collab. Tim Santye said. “The partnership was very natural and organic.”

“Legends loves the way the Nets take care of their staff, fans, players and their families,” he added. “The team has taken care of everyone close to them with these Legends products and we try to model our brand the way the Nets are creating a new culture in Brooklyn.”

The space will include apparel from the new Legends x Nets partnership. Previously, the items were available only to Nets players.

The pricing for the Legends collection ranges from $20-$110.