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Kyrie Irving answers the call again with food donations, help for restaurants

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Chicago Bulls v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Kyrie Irving, who only four days ago contributed $323,000 to food relief efforts in the New York area, is once again contributing to the coronavirus effort in two ways, Stefan Bondy reports Friday.

Both Irving and DeAndre Jordan are investors in Beyond Meat and the company is a sponsor at Barclays Center.

On Monday, his 28th birthday, Kyrie Irving announced that he’s donating $323,000 to Feeding America, with Lineage Logistics matching up to $200,000 in donations as well, amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Locally, he’s partnering with City Harvest and donating 250,000 meals across the New York area. Irving announced he is creating the Share-A-Meal campaign in partnership with those organizations “to help marginalized communities get the food sources they require.”

Meanwhile, Irving talked on Instagram about being a Nets fans in the glory days of Jason Kidd et al ... and afterwards.

And how he prepared for the dagger that won the NBA championship in 2016...