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Live from quarantine: Ian Eagle and Michael Kay talk life without sports, staying sharp, KD/Kyrie

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Michael Kay and Ian Eagle
YES Network

With most of the entire country in quarantine, people are craving any sort of content. So, YES Network has announced it will post three daily series as part of its “YES, We’re Here” social media initiative.

Nets on YES’ talent” including Ian Eagle and Sarah Kustok, will host interviews three times a day for the foreseeable future. And they sit for interviews, too!

Nets play-by-play man Ian Eagle joined Yankees’ play-by-play lead Michael Kay on Monday for a two-part video session to discuss life in quarantine, how each broadcaster is staying sharp during these times, the Nets, and more.

Eagle’s commentary on the status of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving — and his assessment of the likelihood either or both would return when/if the NBA season resumes — was most noteworthy.

Prompted by a question from Kay about the possibility of a Durant return when the season resumes — say in June — Eagle speculated:

Durant and his people have downplayed it. Obviously, Kevin right now, the focus, after his positive test for coronavirus, clearly it’s just all about health. But yeah, you allow your mind to wander a bit. Whether or not Durant, from those little video snippets that we’ve seen, he looks good. He looks like himself. He looks like a player that could step in and play today.”

He was sure to qualify that the decision to return will ultimately be in KD’s hands, So, Eagle added:

“The question would be probably posed to him: what do you want to do? And I think (the Nets) would lean on him. Medically, my understanding is — from this point on — he can play. It’s now a question (of) is the team comfortable, is he comfortable?”

Eagle then touched on Irving and how he could potentially be available to play around a similar time following rehab for the shoulder surgery he underwent in early March.

“Look at the timing on Kyrie. He got the shoulder surgery done at a time where if you look at a four-to-six week period, it would be right around (June).”

As has become customary for how the Nets handle players’ medical status, the organization never specified Irving’s exact injury or gave a timetable for his recovery. However, a 4-to-6 week estimate is customary for those that have had arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

As Eagle made sure to note, any decision regarding Durant and Irving will ultimately be up to each of them.

For now, we can only hope the NBA resumes play as soon as possible. With or without the Nets star duo, we could all use some more Ian Eagle and Brooklyn basketball in our lives.

Oh yeah, that beard. What do we think? We go now to Los Angeles for expert commentary...

So what’s the social media version of “stay tuned?” We’ll have to wait. In the meantime, follow YES’ online platforms for new installments of “YES, We’re Here” with Eagle and Kay (and Sarah and Meredith Marakovits) as this quarantine continues.

And stay safe!