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Stan Van Gundy: Of two New York coaching gigs, ‘Nets are the better job’

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NBA: Detroit Pistons at Brooklyn Nets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Stan Van Gundy, a coach looking for a job, says of the two open NBA jobs in New York, the Nets job is easily the better job.

“Of the two the Nets are the better job,” SVG said on ESPN Radio. “There’s no question about that right now. The organization has been more stable. They’ve won more games. They have more talent.”

Both the Nets and Knicks have coaching openings. David Fizdale was fired by the Knicks in December and Kenny Atkinson was dumped by the Nets two weeks ago.

Van Gundy himself was canned by the Pistons two years ago. Since October, he’s been working as a TV analyst for TNT. He was the analyst, working with Ian Eagle, when the Nets beat the Celtics on March 3, the game where Caris LeVert scored 51 points.

Asked if he’d take Knicks coaching job if offered at first deferred. He noted that his brother, Jeff Van Gundy,” had first dibs, but quickly added he’s not sure Jeff is interested either: “I’m not interested in the New York Knicks. “No. First of all, there’s a family history there. If anyone would be interested in that — and I’m not sure he is either — it would be my brother.

“And I just ... I’ve said this. I’m different than a lot of coaches in looking at jobs. To me, it’s all who you work for and you work with. Everything I’ve seen in the last few years with that organization says that it’s extremely dysfunctional.”

Marks played in Miami while Stan Van Gundy was an assistant coach to Pat Riley.