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Should Nets trade Spencer Dinwiddie or Caris LeVert in off-season ... whenever that is?

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Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers

At some point —no point soon, though— Nets and other NBA fans will turn their attention to the NBA Draft ... and free agency. The league and American landscape will have changed, perhaps irreparably, but sports go on.

So in that vein, Greg Logan looks into the future and the issue of whether the Nets —a healthy Nets— would try to market Spencer Dinwiddie or Caris LeVert in the off-season and get another superstar. As Logan writes...

Marks must decide whether he is content simply to add superstars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to the current mix once they are healthy after completing rehab from previous injuries, or does he try to put together a megatrade for a third star, as Irving suggested in January before his season ended after playing just 20 games?

Of the two, Dinwiddie would apparently be the most likely to leave. After all, in the week before the season shut down, LeVert had both a 51-point game and a triple double, both in wins. Even Dinwiddie refers to LeVert as the team’s third best player after KD and Kyrie.

Logan interviewed the other Marks, Bobby, the former Nets assistant GM turned ESPN analyst who thinks the Nets will face a difficult choice.

“Spencer has shown he can start in the league,” said Bobby Marks. “I don’t think he’s a top-10 point guard, but I think he’s probably in that next tier, the 10-15 range. I think Caris still has so much upside and he’s got a great contract, so Caris has more value than Spencer.

“But if you are looking to upgrade the roster, somebody’s got to go. You’re basically staring at Spencer and Caris…In regard to Dinwiddie, it’s probably something they would have to look at to see what his value is out there.”

While Irving has been spectacular when he’s on the court, is he someone you can count on? And the issue of durability, Logan notes, also extends to LeVert.

When Kenny Atkinson was asked about the danger of trading Dinwiddie, who has been active for 276 of his 294-game career with the Nets, compared with LeVert missing 103 games of his 315-game career, he said, “He is very durable, and that’s why he’s so valuable to our team. I think both Kyrie and Caris have had some bad luck. I know how hard they work. But I understand the question. Spencer…is so highly valued because of how durable he is.”

Then, there’s the issue of dealing Jarrett Allen. There are reports that the Nets might like to see if KD can play the stretch-5, backed up by Nicolas Claxton. The two were supposed to work out together in the off-season ... but who knows if that will happen in light of travel restrictions, etc. The Nets reportedly put Allen on the market at the deadline.

Bobby Marks previously suggested the Nets could target Magic forward Aaron Gordon in a trade involving Allen and maybe Dinwiddie, while others have speculated about the availability of Hawks forward John Collins, who Legan describes as a longshot because of his high value.

Jared Dudley vehemently disagrees with trading or even bringing the 21-year-old Allen off the bench.

“It makes sense to start Jarrett Allen because he has more trade value, he’s younger, his potential is higher at this stage of his career,” Dudley said. “Why would you not want to tap into it?” Dudley told Newsday before the Nets played their last game against Dudley’s Lakers in L.A.

“Now, DeAndre, you might play him in the fourth quarter. But I don’t think that’s the main factor they parted ways,” referring to Atkinson’s departure. “I just think, eventually, you could have traded Jarrett Allen in the summertime and got pieces for him. But you cannot do that if he’s only playing 18 minutes.

“His value is not going to be the same as when he’s playing 25 to 28 and he’s getting blocks on Sports Center and people say, ‘Hey, we’ll take this young guy.’