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NBA players, staff told to clear out of training facilities

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Brooklyn Nets All Access Practice Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

The HSS Training Center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, is going dark ... as are the league’s 29 other practice and training facilities. ESPN reports that the NBA sent out a memo Thursday afternoon ordering that starting Friday teams must close their facilities to players and staff until further notice.

The move comes as the league tries to halt the spread of the coronavirus. So far, seven players — including four Nets — as well as a Nuggets staffer have tested positive for the virus. However, only eight teams have undergone testing and not all of those teams have received test results.

It would appear from recent team statements that no Nets players or staff have been working out or even visiting HSS. In its initial statement disclosing the positive test results two days ago, the organization noted that “all players and members of the Nets travel party are being asked to remain isolated, closely monitor their health and maintain constant communication with team medical staff.”

Tim Bontemps broke the news...

Thursday’s memo was an update on ones sent out by the league earlier this week, in which it outlined how teams should handle players and staff coming in and out of their buildings as the league remains on an indefinite hiatus due to the coronavirus, and how players and coaches should be isolated from one another to limit potential spreading of the virus among team members.

Now, though, players are both not allowed to use team facilities nor, as laid out in a memo sent out by the league Sunday night, work out at any non-team practice or training facilities — essentially leaving players no choice but to attempt to work out at home as they, and the league, try to figure out what the next steps will be.

Teams are allowed to provide workout materials for players to use at home if they want to, Bontemps noted. Teams are also encouraged to check in with their players daily electronically. Players are also encouraged to remain in their home team’s market.

Although the NBA remains hopeful of returning to action and crowning a champion, the order to shutter training facilities would seem to limit that hope. Individual players and teams would have to ramp up quickly assuming there’s a resumption in play. And that doesn’t take into account restrictions on large scale events in cities like New York and San Francisco.