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For players like Spencer Dinwiddie, Bobbleheads are big deal

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Do not dismiss the importance of Bobbleheads to NBA players. While some might criticize the likeness —they always think they’re more handsome— players see the promotion as a you-have-arrived moment.

“When they told me, ‘Hey, we’re going to do it,’ I was like, ‘Man, that’s so cool,” said Spencer Dinwiddie, whose bobblehead was based on Marvel’s Ironman, “Y’all not only thought about me but are going through the hoops to make it my favorite superhero.”

Bobbleheads are big in the NBA, as Nick Friedell of ESPN wrote last week.

By the end of this season, 18 teams will have participated in 33 bobblehead giveaways, according to the league. The grand total: 336,500 bobbleheads distributed.

The Nets because of their relationship with Marvel are among the league leaders. There’ve been bobbleheads for, among others, Biggie Smalls, Julius Irving (with a “Black Panther” theme), and Dinwiddie as “Ironman.” The Nets promote the nights heavily with the first 10,000 fans getting ahold of the souvenir.

For Dinwiddie, the night was memorable, but the promotion took place on a night the Nets lost to the Bucks. Friedell writes....

As appreciative as Dinwiddie is to have his own bobblehead night, he wishes the schedule-makers could have been more selective in picking the Nets’ opponent that night. Brooklyn lost by 20.

”Damn, guys, you shouldn’t have scheduled Milwaukee,” Dinwiddie says. “Y’all could have given me a layup like the Hawks or something. Everybody would have been like, ‘Hell yeah, we blew them out on Spencer’s bobblehead night.’”

Better luck next time.