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Report: Nets will be tested for COVID-19 Saturday; Barclays to be disinfected

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The Nets who returned to New York on Thursday may be getting tested Saturday according to a tweet by WFAN’s Maggie Gray...

Presumably, the team and its Nets traveling party —everyone from Sean Marks to training staff— will be tested. Other teams have already been tested. The determination that Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive Wednesday let Adam Silver to suspend the season.

The league has left testing to individual teams, but the league has both required and encouraged other actions.

According to Shams Charania, the NBA on Wednesday informed all 30 teams of league policies effective immediately and through Monday, including:

- All players must remain in market of team

- Players remain home as long as possible

- NO group workouts, practices

- Team physicians/trainers speak to each player once a day.

Charania also reported that “each team is encouraged” to conduct an educational meeting, also by Monday, for players/staff with physicians to discuss the COVID-19 situation — either in person (appropriate spacing) or remotely.

“If there is a reason to believe that someone needs a test at some point then they would get one.” said a team spokesman. “We are not able to disclose who may or may not be tested.”

In addition, the Nets sent out a letter to fans noting the team’s ticket policy and noting that the team has contracted to “thoroughly disinfect” Barclays Center as well as the Nets offices and HSS Training Center, co-located at 168 39th Street in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The Nets also promised to “regularly” disinfect the facilities so that whenever fans return, “you will feel safe.”

The letter was signed by Oliver Weisberg, who’s the Nets interim CEO of both the team and arena as well as the franchise’s alternate governor on the NBA Board of Governors.