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Kevin Durant seen running, jumping, shooting in new video

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Golden State Warriors v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

In an undated 13-second video shot by a friend, Kevin Durant is shown running, jumping, moving laterally and making mid-range jumpers. It’s the latest is a series of enticing looks at KD’s recovery and rehab that began last June with images of him on crutches at his Los Angeles home.

Here’s the video...

Among those working out with KD is Nets assistant coach Adam Harrington, who was Durant’s shooting coach in Oklahoma City and personal trainer.

There is no indication that the video indicates any change in the Nets repeated assertion that the 10-time All-Star will not return this year, but it’s certain to engender new questions for Kenny Atkinson, Sean Marks and KD himself.

Durant’s agent, business manager and partner in Thirty Five Ventures, did offer a cryptic message in a response to the video: “Tic Tok.”

The Nets have been stingy in providing details on Durant’s rehab, but as a Nets insider told NetsDaily, if media catches a glimpse of Durant doing something that looks like a milestone, it’s likely that it’s not the first time it’s happened, just the first time they’ve seen it.