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Pooch discusses Nets at the trade deadline along with all things surrounding the team

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Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Matteo Marchi/Getty Images

On Episode 98 of State of the Nets, Pooch discusses the Nets at the Trade Deadline and much more.

Watch here:

Outline here:

1:20 – 2:00:

· Thank you everybody, and a shoutout to Ian Eagle, Sarah Kustok, Frank DiGraci and the entire YES Network crew.

2:00 – 4:54:

· Talking trade deadlines under Sean Marks

· Why standing PAT is a good thing: You don’t trade the foundation

4:56 – 8:49:

· Rodions Kurucs needs more time

· Marks did his due diligence but didn’t budge

· Clint Capela and John Collins

· Rock out with this team: KD is in the shadows


8:50 – 10:40: DeMarre Carroll deserves better; Taurean Prince stepping up his game; Need a 3rd PG?

10:44 – 15:35: Nets win over Golden State; D’Angelo Russell and his nostalgic return; D’Lo in Minnesota was inevitable

15:36 – 17:20: Nets trust what they have; Appreciation for D’Lo; Appreciating Ian and Kustok

17:23 – 20:27: Thank you Nets fans! Potential buyout options? Iman Shumpert; Where do the Nets finish this year?

20:36 – 24:00: Markieff Morris; Who would I like to see them play in the playoffs? Ball movement and defense of late; How do Nets matchup against the Raptors; Importance of continuity

24:01 – 27:46: Who do the Bucks fear the most? Prince and Wilson Chandler’s role going forward; Why Kurucs needs to play with the starters

28:00 – 32:55: Disappointed w/ fan reaction towards DLo? Is KD genuine when he says he wanted to come to Brooklyn? Does Marks know what’s coming this summer? Caris LeVert looking like himself and what’s changed

33:00 – 37:35: Aaron Gordon; TLC coming back? If Jarrett Allen ever shaves his fro I will… My status for All-Star Weekend; Kevin Durant returning?

37:40 – 43:30: Kyrie’s injury; Talking about the PG poll and the demographic of Nets fans

43:35 – 46:55: Spencer Dinwiddie deserves more love but… clout; Jason Kidd; More on KD

47:00 – 49:00: Is there beef between D’Lo and Dinwiddie?

49:05 – 51:59: Winners and losers at the deadline; Andre Drummond; Iggy brings championship pedigree to Miami; How do the Nets look the next few games?