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Live Game Thread: Brooklyn Nets vs. Phoenix Suns, 7:30 PM EST

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Oklahoma City Thunder v Phoenix Suns Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

The Nets are on the tail end of what was meant to be an “easy” run of basketball, playing 7-straight games against sub-.500 teams. So far, the Nets have gone 3-2 on this run, with the 6th game in the set taking place on Monday night against the Phoenix Suns.

Kyrie Irving is hurt, again, and won’t play for at least the next week or so. It doesn’t sound like a “serious” injury, but at this point any injury to your star point guard as you’re trying to make a serious playoff push is considered “serious.”

The Suns enter Monday night on a 2-game losing streak, and a bit banged up.

WHO: Brooklyn Nets (21-27) vs. Phoenix Suns (20-29)


WHERE: YES Network (tv), WFAN (radio), Barclays Center (live)

Game Preview

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