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Live Game Thread: Brooklyn Nets vs. Orlando Magic, 7:30 PM EST

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Dallas Mavericks v Orlando Magic Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

This one feels kinda important, at least when we’re talking about a regular season game in late-February.

The Orlando Magic, a team that trails the Nets by 2.5 games for 7th place in the East, are in town to take on the Kyrie Irving-less Brooklyn Nets.

Brooklyn, after winning 7 of their last 10, are inching closer to .500 and looking to avoid a first-round matchup with the Bucks - just like everyone else is.

Orlando, losers of 7 of their last 10, is slipping - but definitely not a team to overlook.

Hey, these games are meaningful and necessary, which is nice to say, especially this late into a bridge year.

WHO: Brooklyn Nets (26-29) vs. Orlando Magic (24-32)


WHERE: YES Network (tv), WFAN (radio), Barclays Center (live)

Game Preview

The Magic’s two bigs, Aaron Gordon and Nikola Vucevic, have a history with the Nets, putting up double-doubles and career highs on a regular basis when playing Brooklyn. In the Nets loss in January, Vucevic had 24 rebounds to go with 11 points while Gordon had 11 points and 14 rebounds. The Nets need to find a solution to those two (although historically, well, they haven’t.)

The Nets on the other hand have been playing well on both sides of the ball ... and have won their five home games by double digits, going back to January 29. A big reason for their success is on the defensive end. They’re ranked seventh overall in defensive rating and third since the start of December. Saturday was their best performance of the year statistically although holding Toronto to 91 points to end their 15-game streak shouldn’t be sneezed at.

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