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NetsGC completes crew, drafting three ... with big expectations for Season 2

Nets Gaming Crew, the Brooklyn Nets NBA2K League affiliate, completed their crew for their second season Saturday, drafting three players in the 2020 NBA2K League Draft. Like the NBA draft, the NBA2K selections took place at the Barclays Center.

Nets Gaming Crew, also known as Brooklyn NetsGC, had one pick in the first, second, and third rounds. With their first round selection, pick No. 9, the team selected Choc. Choc, who’s real name is Josh Humpries, a point guard.

“I was excited to hear my name called and I’m locked in and ready to get to Brooklyn,” said Humphries. “We’re going to win and surprise a lot of people, especially when they see me go to point guard. The second the season tips off they’re going to learn we’re a force to reckon with.”

With their next selection, NetsGC selected Randomz, a small forward. Randomz, who’s real name is Marquis Grill, was the 29th pick in the second round. Grill is from Bronx, NY. The selection was announced by Brooklyn-native and Roc Nation recording artist, Casanova. This was the first year the NBA 2K League allowed guest pickers to announce individual teams’ draft selections.

In the third round, NetsGC had their final pick, looking to complete their crew for the 2020 season. With the 50th pick in the third round, the team selected Potts, who’s real name is Jackson Potts, a power forward.

In addition to drafting three new players to their team, NetsGC also made staffing changes in the offseason by naming Wael Ankouni as Assistant General Manager of the team. Ankouni previously served as NetsGC’s social media coordinator during the 2019 season.

The team was only able to retain two players from last years squad – point guard Isiah “Wavy” Hancock, and power forward Aziz “Shuttles” Salem.

Ivan Curtiss, who is entering his second season as head coach and general manager of NetsGC, was pleased with the draft and is excited for what is in store for next season with eyes on being one of the top teams in the league.

NetsGC finished their inaugural season with a record of 7-9, missing the playoffs.

“We have a lot to be excited about with this year’s team and are eager to get to work,” said Ivan Curtiss, NetsGC Head Coach and General Manager. “Coming off our inaugural season with an experienced core group in place, and rounding out our team with the three key players picked up in tonight’s draft, has put NetsGC in the best position to compete for the top spot in the league.”

In addition, the NetsGC will have an enthusiastic owner, Joe Tsai, who has other investments in esports. Like the Nets, Long Island Nets, Barclays Center and New York Liberty, NetsGC is part of the Tsai’s umbrella group, Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment Global, which is headquarted just below the Nets practice courts at HSS Training Center. BSE is in turn owned by J Tsai Sports.

Games begin in early April.