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Live Game Thread: Brooklyn Nets at Philadelphia 76ers, 8:00 PM EST

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Philadelphia 76ers v Milwaukee Bucks

Ugh The Brooklyn Nets kick off the “second half” of the season on the road in Philadelphia, where they’ll be without Kyrie Irving for, well, forever?

The Nets had been playing well heading into the All Star break but were dealt a tough blow with the Irving injury news now that he’s out for the season.

Meanwhile, the 76ers are a mini-mess right now. They aren’t playing as well as everyone had expected them to, but, they’ll turn it around, probably.

Ben Simmons is out tonight, which is cool. I guess. But, ugh, still.

Hey, basketball’s back? Basketball’s back.

WHO: Brooklyn Nets (25-28) at Philadelphia 76ers (34-21)


WHERE: TNT (tv), WFAN (radio)

Game Preview

I wouldn’t be surprised if the 76ers overlook this one a bit. They have a primetime, ABC game in Milwaukee against the Bucks on Saturday night. That’s one of those “measuring stick” games and when you consider just how mediocre they’ve been on the road, that game can set the tone for how the rest of their regular season will go.

We talked about changes up top, and the Sixers made a big one. They moved Al Horford from starting power forward to the bench as his fit in the starting five was simply not there. It always seemed like a rough fit as he’s spent the past few years excelling at the 5 position in Atlanta and Boston. We’ll see how this change manifests itself come playoff time.

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