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VIDEO: Pooch talks Kyrie Irving’s shoulder injury as Nets enter the final stretch

Detroit Pistons vs Brooklyn Nets Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

In Episode 100 of State of the Nets, Pooch discusses Kyrie Irving’s injury, what it means for the Nets, Kevin Durant and all things Nets.

Watch here...


1:22 – 10:00:

  • Kyrie Irving’s shoulder injury
  • What happens going forward?
  • Good news behind all this?
  • Relying on the Day 1 Nets
  • Kevin Durant


10:26 – 18:35:

  • Will Nets keep Joe Harris?
  • Will the Nets play Rodions Kurucs more?
  • What’s up with Kendrick Perkins going at Kyrie Irving?
  • This season feels like (temporary) limbo
  • Is Kyrie Irving the most skilled PG I’ve ever seen?
  • Who’s my top Net for the 1st half?
  • Believe that KD is out for the year?

18:45 – 26:32:

  • Spencer Dinwiddie and players continuing to develop
  • Serge Ibaka in Brooklyn?
  • Final record prediction
  • Thoughts on the new All-Star Game
  • HOT TAKE: Derrick Jones Jr. deserved to win the Dunk contest
  • Starting 5 when fully healthy?

26:33 – 36:47:

  • Thoughts on the Houston Astros
  • What have I heard about KD’s recovery?
  • Nets schedule in the 2nd half of the year
  • Irving/Dinwiddie co-exist?
  • Making a case for Nic Claxton
  • DeMarre Carroll

36:57 – 59:47:

  • Does Marks regret Taurean Prince contract?
  • Tough 1st season with Kyrie?
  • With or without Kyrie, Nets have playoff experience
  • Podcast
  • Least favorite Net debate?!

59:48 – END: