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Chicago Bulls v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

It never ends.

After Kyrie Irving thrilled Nets fans with a near-perfect 54-point performance two weeks ago, things were looking good for Brooklyn. Then, he got hurt in tussle in Washington a few days later, spraining his knee and missing five games.

Now, comes word that the six-time All-Star once again has shoulder pain in the same right shoulder that kept him out of action for 26 games earlier in the season. Kenny Atkinson said it was not a specific play or practice that caused Irving to be in pain again, but rather something he’s been dealing with continuously.

Initial media reports suggested he re-aggravated the original injury but a Nets insider reports, “To clarify, he didn’t do anything to ‘re-aggravate’ (the injury). It has continued to be an issue that he has been trying to play through

Irving had consulted a shoulder specialist in Phoenix after he first felt pain back on a west coast swing in November.

He received a cortisone shot on December 24 permitting him to return to action on January 12. For the rest of the month, he averaged 27.9 points, 5.6 assists and 5.0 rebounds with a shooting line of 53/50/90 and recorded games of 45 and 54 points.

A cortisone shot, of course, provides only temporary relief.

The Nets did not name the specialist Irving will be seeing.

There’s no word on what he’ll be back.

Prior to his return in January, Irving did not rule out shoulder surgery either during the season or in the summer.

“A cortisone shot lasts as long as it can,” Irving said in December. “You either continue to get cortisone shots, which is obviously detrimental to your health and your muscles, or you go get arthroscopic surgery. For me, it’s just about being able to go back out there after the right amount of rehab, the right amount of rest and recovery and see what we can do for the rest of the season and then re- evaluate after a few months.”

Irving has missed 33 of the Nets 53 games. Although he’s been troubled by injuries throughout his career, this is already his worst season in terms of missed games.

Asked how concerning it is that Kyrie Irving’s shoulder is still an issue, teammate Taurean Prince said: “Of course somebody whose such a great person, obviously the person you go out with every day, you worry about him when it comes to surgery talk and things of that sort.”