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Kevin Durant’s mom: ‘Well, I know he’s not going to play this year’

The 2017 ESPYS - Backstage And Audience Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The most definitive statement on Kevin Durant’s status for the rest of this season comes not from the Nets front office or the media, but from the woman he called, “the real MVP” in his MVP acceptance speech: Wanda Durant, his mom.

While others have said the “expectation” is that he’s not playing or “why have a conversation now that we just don’t have to have?,” KD’s mom was quite firm when asked by TODAY when he’ll be back.

“Well I know he’s not going to play this year,” Mrs. Durant told TODAY, continuing, “Which I’m glad because he doesn’t have the pressure. It’s bittersweet because I see a calmness in him even in this (rehab). Because he was injured before and he was frantic.

“I’m not saying he doesn’t want to play. Of course he wants to play and play with his teammates, but he’s accepted the fact that this is not the time for him to play and he’s going through the process of healing. And he’s growing as a person.”

In the interview, part of the program’s series on mothers of celebrities, Wanda Durant notes she’s seen the recent clips of him shooting at HSS Training Center and “he looks good.” When TODAY correspondent Sheinelle Jones shows Durant’s mom a picture of her son in a Brooklyn Nets uniform, she states, “the best has yet to come.”

Meanwhile, new video emerged Tuesday showing KD operating at an end higher level. The video was shot in Los Angeles where Durant maintains a home. With him on the court, Ryan Forehand-Kelly, a Nets development coordinator.

Wanda Durant also revealed to TODAY that Durant’s new number, 7, is her favorite number and her birthdate!