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In Post’s All-Star Break Report Card, only Jarrett Allen gets an ‘A’

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Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

It’s only a half-season report if your team goes deep in the playoffs. For everyone else, the All-Star Break is about the first two-thirds. That said, Brian Lewis of the Post is out with his Report Card on the Nets players ... as well as Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson.

In the Nets “classroom,” Lewis suggests, only the tall kid with the Afro gets an A. Everyone else gets from an A- (DeAndre Jordan and Sean Marks) down to a D (Theo Pinson). No one flunks. Too many sick days.

Lewis writes...

It’s hard to imagine a team having a more tumultuous half-year, from owner Joe Tsai confirming his takeover to the drama around the China trip to the injuries that have ravaged what should be a talented roster.

That said, Lewis likes what Allen, the 21-year-old has brought the team so far.

The Nets have always been besotted with Allen, but now he’s living up to that potential, his improved rebounding (9.7 boards) closer to the level of his roll game and rim protection. They even turned down an offer for him that would’ve netted them Clint Capela.

Allen’s buddy, Jordan, also gets a pat on his hirsute head from Lewis...

Fans see his reduced mobility and a rich contract ($40 million guaranteed over four years), but the Nets have gotten their money’s worth. Jordan leads the team in PIE, is second in Win Shares and provides size and strength. Nobody knows what Year 4 of this deal will look like, but Year 1 has been a clear win.

The Nets backcourt gets reasonably good marks: Kyrie Irving (B+), Spencer Dinwiddie (B) and Caris LeVert (C). Of LeVert’s somewhat surprising grade, Lewis writes...

Like Irving, he’s the victim of injuries. After missing 24 games due to thumb surgery, he came off the bench in his next 14 before finally getting back in the lineup for the past five. His 24-point, five-assist average in those shows what this season could’ve been.

As for Markinson, Marks gets an A-, Atkinson a B. Here’s his report card on them...

Sean Marks...

This was an A-plus on June 30, when he inked Durant and Irving. Marks massaged the cap to squeeze in Jordan, Temple and an extra year for Claxton. But an extension for Prince and deals for Chandler and Pinson are question marks that drop the grade ever so slightly. Still a rousing success.

Kenny Atkinson...

After years of coaching rookies, overachievers and reclamation projects, Atkinson finally has expectations. But the Nets have been so injury-riddled, it’s hard to gauge just what kind of job he’s doing. He’s kept them from quitting and his ATOs are solid; but he’s taken awhile to learn his new players and fully embrace the coach’s challenges.

They’re all graded with the exception of the two new two-ways, Jeremiah Martin and Chris Chiozza. Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot, the former two-way, gets a C.

Take your complaints to the Principal’s office.