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VIDEO: Pooch talks Nets at the All-Star Break

2020 NBA All-Star - Portraits Photo by Juan Ocampo/NBAE via Getty Images

Our own Pooch discusses all things Nets on Episode 99 of “State of the Nets”.

Watch here:


1:49 – 15:56:

· Carrying momentum into the break

· Celebration in Nets locker room

· Talking Brooklyn’s identity and how injuries have impacted that

· My conversations with Joe Harris, Jarrett Allen, DeAndre Jordan and Garrett Temple

· What’s improved the past 10 games

· Kevin Durant

· Tenured Nets carrying the fort during adversity

· Biggest surprise and disappointment


16:00 – 22:15:

· Why is Rodions Kurucs out of the rotation?

· Will KD return this year?

· What pieces do the Nets need to add this summer?

· Does Pooch have a burner account?

· Do Nets need more shooters?

22:20 – 28:50:

· Encouraged by recent wins?

· Can Kyrie-Dinwiddie-LeVert co-exist on the floor together?

· Update on Kyrie Irving

· Is LeVert at his best as the only PG on the floor?

· How’s KD looking? Will he return?

28:51 – 38:59:

· Who do I want to see the Nets face in the 1st round

· LeVert second-guessing himself at times

· Dinwiddie doing the other things when others get hot

· Bet on Joe to win to the 3-point contest?


39:00 – 47:17:

· James Dolan and micromanaging

· Salary cap

· Unprofessional comments about Taurean Prince/Nets

· Will Nets sellout every game with KD

47:18 – 57:10:

· Can Nets do damage in playoffs?

· Jared Dudley campaigning Brooklyn

· Importance of HSS Traning Center

· Starting lineup w/ KD

· Not worried about Taurean Prince

57:11 – END