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DeAndre Jordan talks about his Brooklyn decision, KD, and more on ‘R2C2’ with Ryan Ruocco, CC Sabathia.

Jordan sat down with YES Network’s Ryan Ruocco and co-host CC Sabathia for a near hour long podcast.

DeAndre Jordan with Ryan Ruocco and CC Sabathia.
Ryan Ruocco - R2C2, presented by UNINTERRUPTED.

Throughout his 12 NBA seasons, DeAndre Jordan garnered a reputation of having an effervescent personality. It’s infectious. No doubt, you could imagine, he would be great in front of a microphone whenever his playing days are done.

Well, we got a sneak peak at what DJ would maybe sound like when joined Ryan Ruocco and CC Sabathia for a new episode of their “R2C2” podcast, presented by UNINTERRUPTED.

Ruocco, who does play-by-play for the Nets on YES Network, and Sabathia, who understands what it’s like to play at a high level, made the trip out to the HSS Training Facility in Brooklyn Tuesday and sat down with the (very) big man.

Jordan spoke about all kinds of things — spanning his love for Harry Potter and Star Wars, his previous NBA stops in Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York, and even the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal. Jordan is, after all, from Houston.

Among Nets related topics, Jordan went into some detail about his decision to join Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn last summer, how Jared Dudley influenced his decision, and he talked as well as about KD’s recovery (hint: KD is still KD).

So, first things first.

Jordan admitted he and his teammates — specifically Wilson Chandler — have been quite impressed at simply watching Durant’s rehab process. While the Nets haven’t had KD on the court as of yet, Jordan revealed that Durant has been around and active with the team.

“He’s extremely involved.” Jordan said. “He’s not like away... He’s preparing, he’s getting ready. He has obviously won two rings... we got to catch up to where (KD) is... That’s what we all want to get to.”

As previously reported, Jordan said his decision to team up with KD and Kyrie had been a few years in the making — with numerous ideas bandied back and forth — but Brooklyn felt like the right spot for it to finally come to fruition.

“We had been talking about it for a few years,” he said referring to him and his two Olympic teammates. “We just didn’t know where we could all fit, but we knew we wanted to be together at some point.”

Prompted by a question from Ruocco, Jordan also touched upon an off-court edge the Nets have on other teams — their world class practice facility which was coincidentally the site of the interview. (Sabathia — who’s used to a first class operation with the Yankees — admitted he was impressed as well.)

Since Jordan spent half a season with the Knicks last year, Ruocco specifically asked how much more attractive is the location of the Nets facility in relation to Barclays Center compared to, say, the Knicks facility in Westchester which is a good hour (in light traffic) from Madison Square Garden.

Jordan was honest about how brutal the Knicks commute was for him and suggested that it is a deterrent for players looking at playing in New York.

“Westchester, that’s a hike. The rent must be cheap out there.” Jordan joked. “There were times I would go to practice and I’d be like, ‘I know I could get in a good 40 minute nap’... it’s a journey to say the least.”

Jordan credited his former Clippers teammate and former Net Jared Dudley for pushing him, with KD and Kyrie, to Brooklyn.

When Dudley saw Jordan’s mocking of the Knicks commute on Twitter on Thursday, he chimed in, providing more insight into their conversations over the summer.

On the podcast, Jordan’s recalled what Dudley told him about things in general, summarizing with a Dudley-esque impression:

“Y’all should go to Brooklyn. Man the staff, the medical staff is great. They’re going to be great with KD. World class organization. Practice site.”

Jordan added that he very much appreciated how honest and forthcoming Dudley was about the Nets situation, given that Dudley wasn’t being retained.

Dudley has been very complimentary of Brooklyn and the organization since his departure and given what Jordan said, it seems Dudley may have provided the Nets with a bit of a parting gift with his advice to Jordan on the way out.

Jordan also expressed how much he loves living in New York, especially considering the varied food options the city offers plant-based eaters like himself.

It was a very fun listen. Here’s the full interview on video.

Enjoy! We did!