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After watching him in training camp, Jeff Green sees bright future for Reggie Perry

It’s not often players selected late in the NBA Draft get high praise about their potential so early in training camp ... especially from a 13-year NBA veteran who plays the same position.

Enter Reggie Perry. The Nets’ late second-round rookie big man, is turning some heads in training camp. In particular, the 6’10” 250-pound big has caught the eye of fellow big Jeff Green in training camp.

“I love Reggie, the draft pick,” Green said of the No. 57 pick acquired in the three-way Draft Night trade with the Pistons and Clippers. “He is a young kid that works very very hard but knows the game of basketball. Honestly, well, it’s hard with the rotations we have here but down the line in his career, I think he will be able to play multiple positions as well. He is very talented.”

The Nets of course have Green, DeAndre Jordan, Jarrett Allen ... and yes, Kevin Durant ... up front.

Green added that he did not watch a whole lot of college basketball this past season, aside from tuning into his alma mater. Green’s early praise comes from what he has seen from the 20-year-old in training camp, meaning a matter of days.

“Outside of watching my Georgetown Hoyas, I did not watch much college basketball so I never watched him in college but watching him out on the floor, he looks pretty good.”

This is not the first time Perry received such praise. Sean Marks told the media during the Nets post-draft media session that he and the team liked what they saw out of the Mississippi State big man in college. Marks pointed out he brings a different style to the team.

“We enjoyed watching Reggie this last year in college,” Marks said in the media session. “I think he brings a different facet. Obviously, he’s a big man out there with a forceful nature and be able to step out on the floor as well as playing on the post.

Marks explained how Perry was much higher on their internal mock.

“We had him much higher on our board. To be able to have a guy like that in with us, I look forward to seeing him develop. I look forward to seeing him in camp and going from there.”

Indeed, the Nets rookie averaged a double double for the Bulldogs (17.4 and 10.1) and won the SEC Co-Player of the Year and the MVP of the FIBA U19 World Championship in a nine month period.

Perry is currently on an Exhibit-10 contract, which is a training camp invite. It’s likely the Nets rookie is upgraded to a two-way.

The NBA changed their two-way contract regulations in the off-season. They now allow two-way players to be active for 50 NBA games rather than 45 days with the NBA club. In addition, the earnings under a two way jumped to a fixed $449,155 - exactly half the rookie minimum. In fact, NBA teams have been signing their second rounders to two-way contracts.

If Perry does get signed as a two-way, he won’t count against the 15-man roster limit and his $449,115 won’t count on the salary cap either. Down the line, the Nets can always covert a two-way to a standard contract ... should a roster spot open up.

In the past, the Nets have signed second rounders to free agent deals. The team gave Rodions Kurucs a four-year deal, worth a little less than $7 million in 2018 and Nicolas Claxton $4.2 million over three last offseason.