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In annual GM survey, Nets ranked second in East; Mike D’Antoni tops assistant coaches

Houston Rockets v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

In the annual survey of league GM’s, the Nets are ranked second in the East, just behind the Milwaukee Bucks, but gave the Nets less than a 10 percent chance of winning it all. In the survey, Kevin Durant finished in the top five of the power forward and small forward rankings while Mike D’Antoni finished first in best assistant coach voting.

Overall, the Nets received a weighted 24 percent of the votes when asked to rank the top four teams in the East. The Bucks, who had the league’s best record the last two years, had 35 percent. Right behind the Nets was Eastern Conference champ Miami Heat with 21.

The two top teams in the voting for most likely NBA champ were the Lakers, with a whopping 81 percent chance of a repeat and fellow Staples Center tenant Clippers with 11 percent. The only other two teams receiving votes — the Nets and Heat — finished in single digits but the numbers were not disclosed.

KD was ranked fifth in MVP voting behind Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, Anthony Davis and LeBron James. Durant garnered seven percent of the vote, well behind Davis and James who got 18 percent each.

The Nets star was ranked third among small forwards with 11 percent of the vote and fourth among power forwards with seven percent. He also finished third with 18 percent of the votes when GMs were asked which player would you want taking a shot with the game on the line? Oddly, KD didn’t get any votes when asked which player forces opposing coaches to make the most adjustments?

No other Net received votes in any of the positional rankings. Nor did any receive votes for either the best defensive player or best international player. With only the 57th pick in the Draft, the Nets didn’t get any votes in the rookie categories, including Rookie of the Year, Best Player in five years and biggest steal. LaMelo Ball topped the Rookie of the Year voting.

Steve Nash and Mike D’Antoni did finish first in two coaching categories, Nash had 28 percent of the vote when GMs were asked which new or relocated head coach will make the biggest impact on his new team? while D’Antoni won best assistant coach with 18 percent. Kyrie Irving received votes for player most likely to be best head coach someday.