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Nets unveil City Edition court inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat

It’s not just the uniforms.

The Nets on Thursday unveiled the City Edition court design that the team will use on nights it wears the new Jean-Michel Basquiat-inspired uniforms...

According to NBA’s Locker Vision, the Nets will debut the uniform at TD Garden on Christmas Day and the court on February 2 vs. Clippers at Barclays. The Basquiat court will be laid down a total of four times in the first half of the season.

This is the second City Edition uniform honoring a Brooklyn artist. Basquiat, who Kevin Durant has said is among his inspirations, was among the first artists to move from street art to the galleries. Last season, the team honored Biggie Smalls, the rapper, with its Bed-Stuy number. Although the uniforms are ultimately the work of NIKE, the court design is the work of the Nets internal design team.